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13 Year FIFO Veteran Reveals...

"This Simple Property Strategy Saves Me $14,000/Year in Tax... And Allowed Me to Escape the FIFO Lifestyle for Good!"


22 Aug 2019
Perth, Australia
  • Are you a FIFO worker (or your partner is?)
  • Wish you could save money and pay LESS in tax?
  • Like a simple strategy to eventually escape the FIFO lifestyle?

Then you have to hear the story of Ash, a FIFO veteran of 13 years from Beechboro, WA.

Ash - Beechboro, WA

On this page you’ll discover how Ash used some simple, yet smart property investing strategies to save $14,000 a year in tax and eventually leave the FIFO industry to work locally and spend time with his family (without reducing his income or lifestyle).

Like most FIFO workers, Ash was initially drawn to the industry because of the high salary...

He was working a 2:1 schedule; one week of day shifts, one week of night shifts, then one week off at home.

He was busting his backside for those two weeks and was so tired afterwards he basically spent his whole week off recovering.

He was working a 2:1 schedule; one week of day shifts, one week of night shifts, then one week off at home.

He was working a 2:1 schedule; one week of day shifts, one week of night shifts, then one week off at home.

Then 10 years ago Ash came to a terrible realisation...

He realised…

I’m making decent money on paper, but…

I’m actually making no dent in my mortgage…

I’m losing more than a third of my income to the taxman…

I’m missing out on seeing my kids grow up…

I basically have no life – and for what?

I need to be in a position to retire at some point, have my home paid off with enough money to live through my retirement years, plus be able to help my kids get a headstart in life should I want or need to.

Something has to give here…

That was when Ash started looking at property investing as the way he could achieve his goals...

Australia has over 2 million property investors, and is considered by many to be the best way to build your wealth (through rent and capital gains), reduce your tax bill, while also speeding up the rate at which you pay off your family home.

But Ash didn't have the time or energy to start investing by himself, so he decided to reach out to us here at Keypoint to help develop his Property Investing Strategy...

Keypoint has over 11 years experience, and has helped over 1,600 Perth homeowners get started in property investing.

That, alongside the fact that Keypoint specialises in helping FIFO workers, was what made Ash decide to choose us to help him on his property journey.

That was 8 years, and Ash's progress since then has been incredible...

With Keypoint’s proven strategy, Ash has achieved the following:

  • His family home will be paid off in 9.5 years - well before he retires...
  • He has one investment property completely paid off...
  • He owns a 2nd investment property that will be paid off in 11.5 years
  • He gets back around $14,000 every year in tax breaks from the government
  • Now Ash is in a strong financial position, he has been able to leave the FIFO industry and work locally in Perth, giving him much more time to spend with his wife and kids
  • He has referred 9 friends and colleagues to Keypoint in the last 3 years

According to Ash:

If you are FIFO, I implore you to take a step back and look at what you could be doing differently. 1 year becomes 15 in this game - you have to make it worth your while.

If you're a FIFO worker (or your partner is), you can use this same strategy to reduce your tax, build your wealth, and escape the FIFO industry.

As long as you have a combined household income over $100,000, and equity in your home of $150,000, then you qualify to use the same strategy Ash used.

And we’d like to show you exactly how to get started with a complimentary FIFO Property Blueprint Session.

This is the exact strategy used by Ash and hundreds of other Perth-based FIFO workers to reduce or eliminate taxes, earn investment income from rent, enjoy capital gains, and build additional equity.

In your free FIFO Property Blueprint Session, we'll sit down with you one-on-one and show you…

  • The 100% legal tax reduction strategies that can shrink tax payments (in some cases down to ZERO)… through property investment strategies so you can pay off your home in just 7-10 years
  • How the common belief that you need a 10-20% deposit to invest in property is a myth… and how to use your existing home equity.
  • Our proprietary “Set and Forget” strategies… so no matter how busy you are with work or family, you never have to worry about managing tenants, maintenance or inspections.
  • How to secure your own Property Mentor… with decades of investing experience to walk you through the whole process and reveal insider insights.
  • How easy it really can be to acquire 2-4 properties over the next 10 years
  • How to safeguard your lifestyle… when investing so you can eat out whenever you want, take holidays every year and keep living a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Why property investment is the most proven way to break the cycle of debt… bills and living week-to-week.
  • And much more - 100% free and no obligation

Achieve Real Financial Freedom and Reach Early Retirement Through Property Investment…

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REMEMBER: This offer is not suitable to everyone. You must be a FIFO worker (or your partner is) with a combined household income of least $100,000 per year, plus home equity of $150,000.

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