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What separates those hitting their goals out of the park and you? It’s a small word.

 A thought pops into our consciousness every 3 to 5 seconds, that’s over 20,000 thoughts per day. – And YES we do process thoughts whilst asleep. Some neuroscientists predict that this number could be 3-4 times higher.

It is believed that 95% of these thoughts are the same thoughts as we had yesterday and the day before in an endless loop. What keeps showing up in our life is a result of those repetitive thoughts, in other words, what we’re focusing on.

We can only pay attention (filter) a minute fraction of the data that hits our senses and this determines our response, behaviour and ultimately our destiny.

What occupies your focus? Paying the Bills? Your looks? Gossip? The behaviour of those around you, kids, spouse, work colleagues, friends, acquaintances? General and specific stressors? Anxiety over the future? Grocery shopping? Eating rituals? Sporting loyalties? Sex? ….. 

Most of what we focus on is the repetitive, the mundane, the negative, historical living in the past thought loops. And these thoughts curiously become things, they become our daily experiences, day in day out. A driver beeps their horn we respond EXACTLY the same way every time – it’s virtually a subconscious response. Our thoughts are revealed by our consistent behaviour, and the general state of our lives.

Health, wealth, stress, positivity, negativity all relate to those thoughts that we’re indulging in every day. Every person who’s ever achieved anything significant has a habit of visualising in advance their ideal outcome. Whether it’s a startup, building their home, travelling to an exotic destination, or even sculpting their body, it all starts with thoughts that are imagined, future visions.

Most people are stuck with the same old record on repeat, old thoughts of what we don’t want in our life. Aspirational people create thoughts of a future, without knowing HOW this future will show up.

Aspirational people find like-minded birds of a similar feather to hang around with. Aspirational people think BIGGER. Aspirational people know that success doesn’t just show up, it emerges from a fog of vague ideas that gradually come into sharper focus, and like a muscle that is exercised daily grows until it becomes their reality.

Thoughts become things. Nothing is guaranteed in life except that the same actions produce the same results.

To achieve more we need to think differently, hang around different energy and ultimately change our FOCUS.

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