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It Starts with WHY.


We’re all on a journey; some of us can’t quite remember how we got on the particular road we’re on, and maybe can’t remember where our destination is located.

I watched my father play the ‘hard work = success’ game in construction for over 30 years before almost getting wiped out, ultimately ending up on a pension with a mortgage.

Was he unhappy? If so he never showed it, but I saw the spark go out of his eyes. It left an indelible mark on me, hard work is overrated. I didn’t want to follow the same path. Smarter not harder had to be game.


Fast forward, smarter for me was investing in a little sporting talent and attaining a Sports Scholarship to college, perhaps along the way my fear of wasting a lot of blood sweat and tears on something that could be snatched away sort of killed my ambition level.

If hard work is not the key to building a future what is?

I read the books, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and a hundred more, and at 40 I wasn’t rich, actually I was on the cusp of financial oblivion.

Knowing what I didn’t want, a life of mediocrity and hard work, just to live in a decent house, take a few holidays and maybe dream of a cool car isn’t inspiring. It took too many years to wake up and realise the missing key was having a WHY?


Google SIMON SINEK – for a more expansive explanation of the power of WHY


If you’re reading this I suspect it’s because something resonated, some info sound byte, something triggered that moment where you asked yourself WHY am I going through the motions?

Nothing changes until we change. No this isn’t a throwaway meme, it’s how the brain works. Our thoughts change and then our behaviour changes. Motivation isn’t enough, if it was you could fuel up on caffeine, dance around chanting some mantra and await success. It isn’t enough.


My wakeup call was when I finally realised that success has to be visualised in detail with emotion and persistence. 

FOCUS. Anything we focus on shows up in our life.

Buy the fitness magazines, watch Youtube videos of weight loss sensations, and follow a tribe on Instagram, guess what happens?

You start to change. Your focus drives your behaviour, you might call it the law of attraction, but what you focus on always shows up in your life. You get inspired, your food choices change, your appetite for exercise changes, your self-esteem changes, you change.

I started to visualise a bright future, inclusive a world where paying the bills was not a daily concern. Bigger goals draw different people into our lives. Birds of a feather flock together. Soon the material goals started to manifest but also my WHY started to evolve.


We need a WHY.

My WHY came in to focus. I want to inspire and be inspired. This is my drug.

I want to empower people who want to be empowered. Eventually, I came to realise that the business I wanted to spend my valuable time invested in is the ASPIRATION business.


Dream it! Believe it! Execute it!

Most people never start, they settle. You have friends who are no smarter than you that are belting the ball out of the park. What’s the difference? They have set bigger goals and have a strategy.


What is your strategy?

It’s a tough question that causes a little soul searching. Truth be told if you have no strategy in life you’ll default to poor fitness, weight issues, relationship issues, money issues, addiction issues.

Without a goal and a game plan, boredom and frustration sets in and the vacuum gets filled.

Why the long-winded introduction? So many people I talk to are fixated on the HOW. Engineers can’t help themselves but HOW should never be addressed before the WHY.

Let’s assume you have tangible goals, let’s now put a strategy in place.


First we have to reduce your MORTGAGE as fast as possible. If you take 25-30 years to pay it off you’ll pay upwards of $500,000 in after tax dollars to the bank in interest. That is not smart.


Paying A Higher Rate of Tax than James Packer?
If you have a family income of $120,000 per year you’re probably paying a higher percentage of your income in tax than James Packer, $600,000 over the next 20 years. This is not a recipe for financial success.

If you sell hours for dollars (PAYG) there is a low ceiling that you can attain. You can only work so many hours per week and earn only so much per hour.

Relying on blood sweat and tears to build financial security doesn’t work. You need LEVERAGE. Tax, other people’s money and inflation are just 3 levers.


Speculate with money you can lose. BITCOIN, obscure SHARES, some MULTI-LEVEL business, knock yourself out you may WIN, but you need an appetite for risk.
We like property. It’s bread and butter.


Our strategies usually involve no out of pocket upfront investment. We structure our game plan on TAX, RENT, DEPRECIATION and INFLATION doing all the work.
You perhaps arrived here searching for the HOW.

I hope you’re departing considering the WHY. If you want to now discuss the HOW I’d love to sit down with you and share some ideas.


Cheers Kiaran

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