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Less Connecting more Networking

We live in a world of infinite connections. LinkedIn informs me that my couple of hundred connections link me through a few degrees of separation to over 12 million strangers. There seems to be a race to see how may connections we can accumulate. Var... [Read more]

Motivation is overrated!

Motivation and excitement are conjoined twins. Compared to apathy they seem very useful states in which to orientate our goal setting compass.  When my dog is excited she can't help but wag her tail rigorously and adopts a posture full of hope and ... [Read more]

If I were 22!

Have you contributed to the "If I were 22" conversation that is making the rounds online, yet?I thought I'd give it some pause for thought. Wistful thinking is a vacuous and mostly pointless waste of time and emotional energy. Any conversation that b... [Read more]


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