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Quitting is NOT all bad!

Another day, another meme! "Winners never quit! Quitters never win......" Alas I think for many this is taken too literally. How do we reconcile another grand life philosophy - the one that reminds us that doing the same thing over again and expecti... [Read more]

"I could've been a contender..." Part 1

It was one of the truly memorable great quotes, uttered by Marlon Brando over a half century ago.“ You don’t understand! I could’ve had class. I could’ve been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am Charley, let’s face it.” Terry ... [Read more]

7 Year Itch....

If only we could be more motivated, more inspired, more empowered, luckier, have better genetics, perhaps then our dreams of magnificent accomplishment would reveal themselves in our waking hours! It's a neat trick of our imagination to bridge that ... [Read more]

How to manifest your goals!

Let's imagine that you are in the small minority that comprises those who articulate their goals, either written or verbal. It seems that there are a few fortunate goal setters who consistently manifest any number of ambitious visions into their live... [Read more]


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