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What team are you on?

Your choice of TEAM needs to align with your VISION for your goals, dreams and aspirations Birds of a feather really do flock together. There are few predictors of human behaviour more accurate than choice of peer group. Self esteem seems to magica... [Read more]

Hope is NOT a Strategy!

Compared to Despair, Hope seems so much more empowering an attitude. It hints at positive expectancy and yet its core yields little but impotence. Attitude invariably orientates our resolve. Hope can be the first step towards a much more powerful st... [Read more]

Setting and achieving massive goals. 4 Key questions

Everyone has a story, what's yours?   In a world where time was infinite I'd like to speak French, German, Spanish and Italian fluently. It would also be kind of cool to play the guitar like Keith Richard, the piano like Elton John, travel extensi... [Read more]


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